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Dunn Loring, Virginia's finest record label. Run by the Fox brothers with help from Mike Clayberg, Chris Henderson, and a bunch of other folks I can't think of at the moment. Unlike Fountain of Youth or Limp, this label was pretty narrowly focused sound-wise. Big nasty guitars and galloping drums are the calling card of all the DSI bands. The standout releases are MFD (both LPs), United Mutation (Rainbow Person 7"), and Malefice (7" is okay, but the Lost and Found LP will blow your mind).

DSI Records now have a myspace. Check it out!

United Mutation - Fugitive Family 7":
Fugitive Family - Plain Truth / Final Solution / Passout // I Know a Place / Own Way / Lice and Flies...
1000 copies on black vinyl w/insert
Dischord 10 7/8 / DSI 1, 1983

Fugitive Family - Plain Truth / Final Solution / Passout / It's Over // I Know a Place / Own Way / Lice and Flies...
500? copies on black vinyl w/extra track, xeroxed sleeve, no insert
Dischord 10 7/8 / DSI 1, 1989?



Reviews: I'm probably committing song kind of record-collector sin, but I'm gonna review this based on the reissue LP that Bitzcore put out.

Honestly, early United Mutation has never really excited me. It just seems to me like they were trying to hard to be extreme--extremely loud, extremely noisy, extremely fast--and the end result is a mess. They're just trying to belt out their songs as quickly and loudly as possible. I guess it would have some appeal if it weren't what every other DC band was trying to do at the time. Later on the band slowed down, dropped some of their affectations, and turned into an incredible noisy punk rock band.

I'm looking for copies of this record. Email me if you have copies for trade or sale.

Death Piggy - War 7":
G.O.D. Spells God / Splatter Flick / Eat the People / Fat Man // Nympho / Bathtub in Space / No Prob Dude / Mangoes and Goats
?? test pressings
750 copies on black vinyl
DSI Records 2, 1984


Recording Info:

Notes: Test pressings of this record turn up more frequently than for any other DSI release...I still doubt there were more than 20 or 25, though.

Reviews: Don't have this one, and I don't think I've even got it on tape. There was a CD a couple years ago that I ordered, but never recieved. Anyway, if you have a copy of this for sale or trade, email me!

first press:
malefice front covermalefice back cover
second press:
malefice front covermalefice back cover

first press:
malefice black vinyl
second test pressing:
malefice second test press
second press:
malefice blue vinyl
Malefice - Overboard 7":
Lost Sheep / Overboard // Carrion
10 test pressings
1000 copies on black vinyl w/insert?
DSI Records 3, 1984

Carrion / Overboard // Lost Sheep / Turn Around
10 test pressings
??? copies on blue vinyl w/insert?
DSI Records 3, 198?

Lineup: Mike - bass / John - guitar / Timothy - vocals / Davis - drums

Recording Info: Recorded at Inner Ear, summer of '84. Produced by Don Zientara and Malefice.

Notes: It might not be obvious from the scan, but the first pressing covers were hand colored by Mike Clayberg and John Fox: red marker for the band name, green for the border on the front, silver for the border on the back. There are probably other color combinations out there.
The cover for the late-eighties reissue eliminates the borders, and thus the need for hand coloring...The blue vinyl also sounds atrocious, and mine has a hunk of white plastic (not vinyl) embedded into the edge of the record. Reissue sleeve mentions an insert--mine didn't have one. Did yours?

Reviews: In my mind, Malefice are one of the most over-looked bands to come out of DC. Mike Clayberg was in a bunch o' other bands too, Media Disease (pre-), MFD (post-), and couple other I can't remember at the moment, but none of them come close to Malefice...

This is what "crossover" should've sounded like. Imagine Minor Threat marrying the bastard lovechild of Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden. The music is recognizably heavy metal, complete with solos, but the frantic pace and screamed vocals could only come from DC.

This is a formative piece--a little rough around the edges, a little amateurish--but still notably with-it, or at least moreso than bands like GI or United Mutation, whose first recordings seem a little rushed. The LP on Lost and Found would be my recommended first purchase, but this is quite respectable on its own.

In the words of Meatwad, I would kill someone in front of their own mother for a copy of the three-song test pressing. And if anyone testifies against me, I'll gouge their eyes out. Drop me a line if you can help. Oh yeah, and I haven't made a page for the Lost and Found LP, but I'm lookin' for a test of that as well.

united mutation front coverunited mutation back cover

first press:
united mutation black vinyl
second press:
united mutation blue vinyl
United Mutation - Rainbow Person 7":
Infinite Regression / Fat Louie / Take Your Pick // Zone / Manna
10 test pressings
800 copies on black vinyl w/foldover cover and insert
225 copies on black vinyl w/pocket cover
75 copies on black vinyl w/xeroxed pocket cover
DSI Records 4, 1985

10 test pressings
500 copies on blue vinyl w/foldover cover and insert
DSI Records 4, 1989?


Recording Info:

Notes: The black vinyl records are all one pressing, there are just three sleeve variations: The foldover sleeve is on cardstock with printing on both sides and includes a lyric insert (same for the blue vinyl version). The pocket sleeve is just a foldover sleeve that's been glued into a pocket--there's printing on the inside of the sleeve and it doesn't include a lyric insert. The xeroxed sleeve is a pocket sleeve, but it's on regular paper and does NOT have printing on the inside. My xeroxed sleeve copy also has some anti-nuke postcards and stickers inside it and a note that if you need lyrics you should write to DSI.
The blue vinyl repress was remastered (though I can't hear much of a difference), so there's another set of test pressings out there.

Reviews: I much prefer this to the first UM 7". The band aren't as concerned with playing as fast as possible, letting the songs that are underneath the noise surface. I really don't have that much to say about this record--it's good punk rock that's three steps removed from anything else that was going on at the time.

I'm looking (in a half-assed way) for the black vinyl, foldover sleeve version of this record, as well as the two test pressings. Hey, I've already got three copies, what's a few more? Drop me a line if you can hook me up.

first press:
uruku front coveruruku back cover
second press:
uruku front coveruruku back cover

uruku black vinyl
Uruku - Exhumed Lunch 7":
McMassacre / Skull Fucker / Tapped // Exhumed Lunch / the 8th
10 test pressings
500 copies on black vinyl, first 400 w/alternate inner sleeve
500 copies on black vinyl w/insert
DSI Records 5 / Scrapple Bath 1, 1985

Lineup: Rick Mountfort - drums / Miles Davis White - coronet / Mike Ratel - bass, guitar / Gene Wilcox - guitar

Recording Info: Recorded at Inner Ear Studios April 27, 1985. Engineered by Don Zientara.

Notes: Exhumed Lunch was remixed for the second pressing. The back cover is obviously different between the two (and the band name is colored in on mine--no idea if they all were or not), but the first press--or only the first 400?--also had the lyrics printed on the inside of the sleeve. The second press came with an insert. The only way to tell the two records apart (aside from listening) is by the etchings in the dead wax on the B side: first press is 508065x-B, second press is 508065x-B4.


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